Who is Nelson-Moore Associates?

Our systems philosophy…

Our experience in planning, designing, developing and implementing computer systems, large and small, has convinced us that successful systems focus on the customer’s real needs. What does that mean? It means not computerizing everything and not in the same way it has been done in the past. It means listening to people for what they need, analyzing the purpose and products of work being done and examining alternatives. It means balancing tools available for the most straight-forward and cost effective solution possible. If new system tools are needed, it means selecting and implementing them wisely and within budget. If existing system tools are used, it means adapting to the way you need to work, integrating and using the systems to their maximum. It means being realistic, successful and having fun while producing results!

Services provided include…

Analyzing cost effectiveness of systems.
Customization of packaged software
Implementation project management
Forms design
System design
Work-flow analysis
Selecting alternative methods for automation
Conversion between systems
Software development
Preparation of specifications
Vendor evaluation

Partial list of products we have developed…

Employee Self Service on Intranet
University registration administration
Benefit statements
Applicant Tracking System
Small Inn reservation and billing system
Integrated HR and Payroll system
Salary survey analysis software
Opinion Survey Analysis system
COBRA tracking system
Micro-computer Human Resource system
401K Plan Accounting System
Interface between systems
Training and Development System
Flexible benefits system
Education tracking systems
Compensation Planning

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